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People ask us if we are available for "talks." We are!

Margaret Boone Rappaport, and Chris Corbally
Presentations are usually in our main fields of astronomy and anthropology, but also in interdisciplinary studies and some unique combinations of our two disciplines, for example: 
our Evolution Dialogues; 
The Origins of Modern Thinking; Human Uniqueness and Distinctiveness; 
Space Science and Astronomy Scripts; the tension and growing accord between science and religion; and various takes on science, art, and religion - including prehistoric art.

Here are some formats that we have found useful in the past. Contact us for rates, which tend to be on a sliding scale.

The Human Sentience Project offers three types of training packages for different types of audiences. See examples of past training events on our Speaking Events Schedule web page.

(1)  Seminar: Origins of the Modern Mind 

This Seminar is for professionals (especially mental health professionals), and lasts for a half-day (3 to 4 hours). It is available for Continuing Education Credit. Currently available module: “The Origins of the Modern Mind.”

(2)  Learning Demonstration:
Space Science and Astronomy Theatre

This morning or afternoon of three Space Science and Astronomy Scripts provides a bridge for humanities students to learn about science and whether they would enjoy a science career, and for science students to learn if they are prepared for science careers. Three full instructional packages are presented, discussed, along with important information about science careers for young people. Teachers are given evaluation forms to use, as well as extra guidance in how to present additional Space Science and Astronomy Scripts, or have students turns them into full-length productions or video games.

(3)  The Keynote: Human Distinctiveness

The Keynote Presentation is primarily for college students or teachers participating in in-service training. 

It includes 7 to 12 available “Evolution Dialogues” and "Dialogues on Human Uniqueness." These oral Dialogues are on topics that span our two disciplines: stellar evolution, biological evolution, human distinctiveness, or an entire program on the relationship between Science and Religion. The Dialogues are followed by question-and-answer periods. The Keynote Presentation typically lasts one to two hours.

Workshops on writing Science and Religion Dialogues are also available

A special Keynote Presentation on "The Prehistory of Artistic Thinking" is available for artists, instructors, students, and clubs.

How to Request Services and Obtain Rates

Click on the Contact Us web page, fill out and submit the form, and HSP will contact you.

At Work in Joint Presentations

Margaret Boone Rappaport

Margaret at the John David Mooney Foundation in 2014, Chicago, Illinois.

Chris Corbally

Chris at the Commission on the Philosophy of Natural Sciences
Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2016, Krakow, Poland.

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