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September 12, 2017

We (and Our New Book) Are Now on Twitter!

Go to Astronomy Theatre @AstronomyPlays  

Our new book, Space Science and Astronomy Theatre, has the following hashtag:

Post for Event Held Monday, April 25, 2016

Public Post on Facebook, for an Event Hosted by 
De Revolutionibus Books & Cafe, Krakow, Poland

A public post appeared on Facebook to announce the informal, coffeehouse discussion to take place after our formal presentation on "The Human Hearth and the Dawn of Morality" (also now a manuscript winding up its review for appear soon!) Text of post is in Polish, although the heading is in English. Click here.

The post has pictures of the bookstore-coffeehouse venue (one of them is below) where we took public questions after our formal presentation for the Commission on the Philosophy of Natural Sciences, of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, on April 25, 2016, in Krakow, Poland.

We were delighted by the announcement, as we were by the poster prepared by the bookstore for the event (at right). The public discussion on April 25 was fun, fascinating, and a good extension of the previous formal presentation for the Polish Academy. A full coffeehouse audience posed good questions and the HSP Co-Founders
responded informally with dual mikes. Where needed, our host, Father Michael Heller, Professor of Philosophy at the Pontifical University of John Paul II, provided translation for an audience that seemed, however, to know English well. Our ESSSAT colleague, Professor Zbigniew Liana, also on the Philosophy faculty of the University of John Paul II, was in attendance, as he helps to support these public discussions and the bookstore.


Post for Event Held Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"'The Seven Evolution Dialogues' at Dominican"

Public Post on, for an Event Hosted by 
Dominican University of California, San Rafael, California

A post appeared on AllEvents.In San Rafael, California, for "The Seven Evolution Dialogues" performed by the Co-Founders at 7 pm in Guzman Hall. A full description appears on the Speaking Events page of our web site under, "Human Evolution and Uniqueness; Dialogues toward an Accord between Science and Religion" (click here). This was the first chance we had to evaluate the effectiveness of both the Dialogues, and a new Skit. We enjoyed questions from the student audience.

The AllEvents Post is illustrated by an interesting image of a compass with Religion and Science labels, and can be found here.


Publication Date: February 2015

The Vatican Observatory Annual Report 2014;
"One Specola, One Team, One Dream"

In a section of the Vatican Observatory's 2014 Annual Report on activities in the area of "History and Philosophy," presentations by the Co-Founders of The Human Sentience Project are noted, along with a picture of them in costume for the A.D. 1054 Supernova Skit (p. 22). In another section on "Staff Presentations, Academic Activities, and Conference Participation," postings mention their scholarly papers in 2014 (p. 30). Several of the Co-Founders' talks appear in "Educational and Public Outreach" (p. 32). All of the presentations appear on the web page for the Speaking Events Schedule. on this website.


Publication Date:  February 2015
Byline: Chris Corbally, SJ, and Margaret Boone Rappaport

From ORIGINS V(2): 2-3...

Our piece for the Origins newsletter of the International Big History Association begins this way...

"Our engagement with Big History was the result of no Big Bang. It came in fits and starts. In retrospect, it makes sense that an astronomer and an anthropologist from opposite ends of the scientific spectrum – one of the most rigorous of the physical sciences and one of the most qualitative of the social sciences – would need a home in which they both felt comfortable."

We then chronicle how we came to travel to the Big History conference in San Rafael, CA, in 2014, to present a paper and meet others committed to a Big History perspective. We also describe how our two upcoming books and articles are beneath "the umbrella of Big History," and why.


Publication Date:  January 9, 2014
Byline: Ann Posegate

From the Tucson Weekly...
"Man of Science, Man of Faith"

The Human Sentience Project LLC achieved its first media mention in a profile piece on Chris Corbally, SJ's dual commitments to science and faith. The focus is on his lack of conflict between the two, and how he integrates them in his life as a Jesuit priest and his work as a professional astronomer for the Vatican Observatory. The HSP, its Co-Founder Margaret Boone Rappapaport, and their Astronomy Skits Program is referenced in some detail, including descriptions of Corbally and Rappaport in several skits, whose time periods span two thousand years.

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