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Space Science and Astronomy Theatre

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A New Book for Experiential Learning

Instructors of physics and astronomy have repeatedly discovered that students “learn by doing.” When they are engaged in speaking, moving, and presenting, they learn more. With this in mind, we offer full instructional packages, complete with scripts, keywords, science definitions, discussion questions, suggestions for staging and costumes–all for a dozen 5-minute science presentations, for students from middle school and high school, to college and university, as well as for amateur astronomers and astronomy club members. Order online now from the Bookstore at Archway Publishing, or at


You and your students, your scouts, your colleagues, or your fellow club members will enjoy this introduction to a unique, new instructional tool on current and future roles in Space Science and astronomy. While astronomers remain at the core of basic scientific research in Space Science, and astronauts are its most visible practitioners, there are many other ways to participate in humanity’s off-world adventures in space, from engineering to accounting, graphic arts to public relations, and biology to meteorology.

The Space Science and Astronomy Script Packages found in Part III of this volume will guide teachers and others in planning short dramatic or comedic presentations whose key concepts and lessons are in science. This new book provides useful information and a special new curriculum to increase interest in Space Science and to illustrate the many ways available to take part in some of the most exciting projects on Earth and in space.

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