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Rappaport, Margaret Boone, and Christopher Corbally. In press. Space Science and Astronomy Theatre. Bloomington, IN: Archway Publishing.

Rappaport, Margaret Boone, and Christopher Corbally. In preparation. Human Creativity in Moral and Religious Thinking.

Corbally, Christopher, Margaret Boone Rappaport, and Jay Martin. In preparation. Talking Real: Teaching from the Science and Religion Conflict Dialogue.


Corbally, Christopher, and Margaret Boone Rappaport. In preparation. Program Services Planning for a Mars Hardship Post; Reflections on the Need for Social, Psychological, and Spiritual Services. Invited chapter, Mars Colonization, edited by Konrad Szocik.

Rappaport, Margaret Boone, and Christopher Corbally. Accepted for publication in Zygon; Journal of Religion and Science, volume TBA. Evolution of Religious Capacity in Genus Homo: Cognitive Time Sequence. (Paper 2 in a series of 3.)

Rappaport, Margaret Boone, and Christopher Corbally. Accepted for publication in Zygon; Journal of Religion and Science, volume TBA. Evolution of Religious Capacity in Genus Homo: Origins and Building Blocks. (Paper 1 in a series of 3.)

Rappaport, Margaret Boone, and Christopher Corbally. 2017. Human Phenotypic Morality and the Biological Basis for Knowing Good. Zygon; Journal of Religion and Science 52(3). Sept.

Rappaport, Margaret Boone, and Christopher Corbally. 2017. Update: Our State of Knowledge of the Genomic Basis for Human Specialness, with Implications. Studies in Science and Theology 16(2).

Rappaport, Margaret Boone, and Christopher Corbally. 2016. The Human Hearth and the Dawn of Morality. Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science 51(4): 835-866.

Rappaport, Margaret Boone, and Christopher Corbally. 2016. Did Morality First Evolve in Homo erectus? Philosophical Problems in Science 61: 105-131. December.

Rappaport, Margaret Boone, and Christopher Corbally. 2016. The Emotional Brain Hypothesis: Emotional, Social, and Religious Vetting in the Evolution of Rational Decision Making and Scientific Modeling. Issues in Science and Theology: Do Emotions Shape the World? Eds. Dirk Evers, Michael Fuller, Anne Runehov, and Knut-Willy Saether. New York: Springer Publishing. Ch. 10, pp. 133-142. 

Corbally, Christopher J., and Margaret Boone Rappaport. 2015. Art as an Evolutionary Adaptation: Inspiration from the Visible Supernovae of AD 1054 and AD 3054. In: INSAP VIII: City of Stars, proceedings of a conference at the American Museum of Natural History, New York City, 2013. Volume edited by B. P. Abbott. San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, Vol. 501, pp. 321-330.

Rappaport, Margaret Boone, and Christopher Corbally. 2015. Matrix Thinking: An Adaptation at the Foundation of Human Science, Religion, and Art. Zygon; Journal of Religion and Science 50(1): 84-112. March[Click here.]
Corbally, C. J. and Rappaport M. B. 2013. Crossing the Latest Line: The Evolution of Religious Thought as a Component of Human Sentience. Evolution: Development within Big History, Evolutionary and World-System Paradigms. Yearbook. Eds. L. E. Grinin and A. V. Korotayev. Volgograd: Uchitel. Pp. 197-218. [This published paper can be accessed by clicking the PDF icon below our individual publications lists.]


P. M. Williams noted our contribution to the Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VIII (see citation below). He wrote, "I thought Corbally & Rappaport's 'Art as an evolutionary adaptation' wrapped up the theme of the meeting very well. I recommend this book..." (Williams, in "Reviews," The Observatory, Vol 136, August 2016, pp. 199).

Boone Rappaport Sample Publications

Margaret Boone Rappaport
Boone, Margaret S. and John J. Wood, Eds. 1992. Computer Applications for Anthropologists. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing.
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Corbally Sample Publications

Chris Corbally, SJ

Corbally, C. J. 1994. Science and Faith: An Astronomer's Perspective, America 170(12):22.
Corbally, C. J. 1995. Approaching ‘Would You Baptize an Alien?’ from the Perspective of a Jesuit and Astronomer. 18 Annual Nash Lecture Series, Campion College, Regina, SK.

Corbally, C. J. 2005. When Astronomers and Environmentalists Clash over a Sky Island.  In: Creative Creatures: Values and Ethical Issues in Theology, Issues in Science & Theology Series.  Eds. U. Görman, W. Drees, & H. Meisinger.  London: T & T Clark.  Pp.162-9. 

Corbally, C. J. 2009. Stars and the Milky Way.  In: The Heavens Proclaim: Astronomy and the Vatican. Ed. G. Consolmagno. Huntington, IN: Our Sunday Visitor and Vatican City State, Pp. 88-95. 

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Gray, R. O. and C. J. Corbally, et al. 2003. Contributions to the Nearby Stars (NStars) Project: Spectroscopy of Stars Earlier than M0 within 40 parsecs: the Northern Sample. Astronomical Journal 126: 2048-2059.
Griffin, R. E., R. O. Gray and C. J. Corbally. 2012. The composite-spectrum binary hypothesis does not explain the Lambda Boötis stars. Astronomy and Astrophysics 547: 1-14.


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